Root Mass Fabric Pot

Size: 1L
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Root Mass fabric pots are an excellent to alternative plastic pots and have some huge benefits. They are made of a strong breathable fabric that lets water in or drain out easily, the fabric traps the roots in it that would normally 'circle' around the inside of traditional pot promoting branching further up the roots. This ensures your plant roots through the entire media much better and accounts for a much bigger root system overall. They can be used with almost any media and even added into hydroponic systems such as flood and drain systems for many benefits.


Bigger more productive root zone


No 'root-circling'


Free draining


Breathable - more aerated root-zone


Easy to transport


Available in the following sizes: 1l, 2l, 3.8l, 8l, 12l, 16l, 20l, 30l, 39l, 56l.

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