Roots Excelurator

Size: 250ml
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This potent root stimulant from House and Garden has long been regarded as one of the best root stimulants available, its very strong so a little goes a long way. Its not cheap but when you compare the dilution rate to other popular root stimulants on the market it actually works out very cost effective.


use at 0.3ml/l so 1l will treat a whopping 3,333 litres of nutrient solution! Use from cutting to early flower for best results.


House and Garden roots excelurator is a special blend of beneficial bacteria, cold pressed sea kelp, seed extracts, vitamin B and molasses. This awesome product not only stimulates extensive root growth but it also protects the roots against diseases such as pythium by getting rid of old damged roots and creating a protective layer over the root to prevent infection occuring.


Bigger healthier root system

Better nutrient uptake

Disease prevention

Extra strong - low dilution rate!



Try House and Garden roots excelurator and be prepared to be impressed!



Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1l.


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