Root!t Thermostat For Heat Mat

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This digital thermostat from Root!t is ideal for controlling their own heat mats and also any other heat mat or heated propagator. or even small heaters.


Gently increasing rootzone temperatures can massively improve the germination rate of seeds and speed and quality of your cuttings, raising the rootzone temperature to 20-22 degrees celsius is ideal and is easily achievable with these quality thermostats that can be used with any heat mats or heated propagators available, simply plug into the thermostats socket and

position the thermostats temperature probe under the tray of cutting blocks or pots etc and set the desired temperature on the thermostat and it will self regulate the temperature for perfect propagation!


2 year warranty


Controls most heating devices up to a maximum of 1000w



*Do not use with fan heaters!


For more information on taking cuttings and starting seeds check out our guide to propagation below:

Propagating Success - our guide to taking cuttings and starting seeds

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