Silver Bullet Roots

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Root diseases such as pythium can destroy your entire crop very quickly in a hydroponic system, brown sludgy roots and a bad smell are the tell tale signs of an infected rootzone. Silver Bullet is a hydrogen peroxide based product with the addition of colloidal silver making it much more stable, normal hydrogen peroxide only stays active for a couple of days at the most and then is useless, silver bullet actually carries on sterilising and keeping your rootzone clean for up to 5 weeks.



Prevent root diseases

Promote healthy root growth with extra oxygen around roots

Reduce biofilm in pipework - less blockages

Clean and sterilize systems and equipment

Prevent disease establishment and spread

Highly concentrated

Can be used with plants in a system

Ideal for NFT and DWC methods



Dosage advice:

Young plants including seedlings and cuttings dose at 2ml/10l for prevention up to 4ml/10l for infected plants

Established plants dose at 4ml/10l for prevention and up to 8ml/10l for infected plants

System cleaning/flushing and sterlising equipment dose at 2ml/l - rinse with clean water afterwards



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