SMS Hybrid Controller

Size: Hybrid 8amp
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The temperature in your grow space will vary throughout the day/night and throughout the year, having a controller to maintain fan speed accordingly is the best way to control this.


The ideal temperature for your plants is 24-28 degrees celsius when the lights are on and a drop of around 5 degrees in the dark period, thats hard to maintain if your fans are still going full power when the lights are off and drops in temperature will occur leading to slow growth and poor yields.

Did you know temperature drops below 18 degrees during the dark period can slow the processes happening inside plant cells so much that it can take up to 48hr for them to return to normal? If your room is dropping cold night after night your plants will be permanent state of suspension and can seriously affect your growth rates to a near standstill and massively drop your yields.


Connect your intake and exhaust fans to the sms Hybrid controller and set your desired temperature, next set your minimum and maximum fan speeds, we recommend a minimum fan speed of no less than 20-30% to ensure adequate air exchange still occurs. maximum fan speed is normally set to 100% unless you are using oversided fans and dont ever need them to be on full or in the colder months when the need for air exchange is less.


the hybrid controller has 5 speeds built in and will go from the minium speed as set up to the maximum as needed to achieve the correct temperature.


These controllers drop the voltage to the fans to adjust the speed rather than using a resistance based control method this creates no 'fan buzzing' often experienced when using cheaper smaller controllers and puts less stress on the motor of your fans meaning they last longer and run quieter - we all love quieter fans! 


Ideal controller for the awesome Iomax Acoustic Fans and our acoustic filtration kits!



  • Silent fan contol no buzzing
  • 5 speeds
  • Easy plug and play - no wiring required
  • Ideal for use with the Isomax range of acoustic fans
  • Voltage based control

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