Buddhas Tree Solar Green Power

Size: 250ml
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Buddha's Tree Solar Green Power is silicon in the form of silicic acid. Silicic acid is the most available and easily absorbed and transported form of silicon.

This awesome silicon product strenghtens cell walls, increases chlorophyll production and therefore photosynthesis, creates stronger thicker branches and sturdier stockier plants and creates protective a layer over the surface of your leaves lowering transpiration rates and allowing your plants to handle more heat and less humidity.


Use throughout the entire cycle.

Use in any grow medium.

Less heat stress.

Stronger plants.

More resistant to mould and disease.

Better quality fruits and flowers with a better shelf life.


Use at 0.5ml/l from start to finish.



Available in 250ml and 1l.


Click the following link for the full Buddhas Tree nutrient schedule!


Buddhas |Tree Feeding Schedule 

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