Jiffy All-Mix 50l

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PRO7 ALL+MIX is ready to plant into and offers the optimum environment for your crops with added fertiliser for the first few weeks and a living microbial charge that will benefit your crop throughout the entire season.

PRO7 ALL+MIX is a blend of carefully selected substrates. Perlite and organic fibres are added to give a lightness and oxygen level second to non and a perfect habitat for the flourishing active microbial system, that enhances the Nitrogen cycle in your PRO7 ALL+MIX medium. The abundance of microbes and beneficial bacteria in PRO7 ALL+MIX ensures vigorous plant growth, increased nutrient uptake and water retention. PRO7 ALL+MIX is pre-fertilised with enough nutrient to sustain lush and forceful growth for up to 4 weeks, then start to feed with a high quality professional fertiliser.



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