Spectro-Tech 660w LED

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Flower Better With Spectro-Tech!

The Spectro-Tech by ControlLED is a Full-Spectrum LED with enhanced Osram Near Red (680nm) and Far Red (730nm) chipsets. This light is designed specifically for flowering plants.

Near Red is very important for the flowering stage as this encourages flower formation (as the light is emulating the spring and summer months). The Far Red spectrum penetrates deep into the plant's canopy increasing the amount of flowering sites & flower density. Both near red and far red wavelengths combined, greatly improves both quality and yield.

  • No Assembly Required – Simply Plug & Play
  • Enhanced Red Spectrum With Far Red For Better Light Penetration
  • Osram Chips On Board
  • Built-In Dimming Control
  • Can Be Used With ControlLED Lighting & Environment Controller Or most 0-10V lighting controllers
  • Suitable For 1.5m x 1.5m Growing Area
  • No Cooling Fans, Efficient Heat Dispersal
  • At Least 50,000 Hour LED Lifespan
  • Dimensions: 1108 x 1066 x 87.5 (mm)
  • Daisy chain up to x50 spectro tech fixtures
  • Efficiency @227VAc: 2.71 UMOL/s, Light Output ppf: 1864




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