Stewart Heated Propagator

Size: Large
Sale price£19.95


Creating a stable, warm and humid environment is crucial for starting seeds and cuttings, using a propagator or humidity dome is the easiest way to achieve this. Place your freshly taken cuttings or planted seedling blocks inside and they will soon be thriving.

These High quality crystal clear propagators are a favourite amongst professionals and home growers. Available in 2 sizes the medium being ideal for a 24 tray of rockwool blocks or root riot cutting blocks and the Large taking 2 such trays or more.

For best results pair with a Root!t heat mat and digital thermostat for super fast healthy propagagtion.

Includes a heated base - heat mat built into the bottom of the propagator. for best results pair with an appropriate thermostat such as the Root!T heat mat thermostat.


For more information on propagating seeds and cuttings check out our guide to propagation below:

Propagating Success - our guide to perfect propagation.

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