Systemair RVK fans

Size: 100A1
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Systemair RVK fans have been a mainstay in the industry for decades. Reliable ventilation fans for use with carbon filters or as intake fans, veg rooms, air movement around large rooms etc

They handle large ducting runs well with minimal loss of airflow, theyre not as quiet as an equavalent airflow EC fan or isomax etc but in the smaller sizes or when noise isnt such an issue they are ideal and very reliable.

Constructed of tough plastic they are compact and easy to use, supplied with a male IEC connector pre wired so you just need a IEC power lead with a female connector to plug directly into a power source or a suitable fan controller.

Sizes and airflows:

  • RVK 4" (100mm) A1 - 184m3/h
  • RVK 5" A1 (125mm) - 220m3/h
  • RVK 5" L1 (125mm) -  323m3/h
  • RVK 6" A1 (150mm) - 482m3/h
  • RVK 6" L1 (150mm) - 720m3/h
  • RVK 8" A1 (200mm) - 827m3/h
  • RVK 8" L1 (200mm) - 1023m3/h
  • RVK 10" A1 (250mm) - 863m3/h
  • RVK 10" L1 (250mm) - 1134m3/h
  • RVK 12" A1 (315mm) - 1363m3/h

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