Ultimate Micro Greens Kit

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Growing your own micro greens and mini salad crops at home or in cafes and restaurants is becoming increasingly popular and in these times its more important than ever to be consuming fresh nutrient rich greens. Indoor gardening has also been proven to be very good for your mental health.


Beat the lockdown blues eat well and enjoy all the benefits of growing your own produce at home without taking up much space.


Tent foot print is only 120cm x 40cm so can be positioned anywhere within your home.


Everything you need is included in this kit and it allows for multi layered growing of micro greens and salad crops under the highly efficient Sunblaster T5 lights, complete with:

10 x budget propagators

10 trays of rockwool starter cubes

60 x 4inch and 80 x 3 inch Grodan delta transplanting cubes

1l spray bottle

1l Vitalink Plantstart - seedling feed

1l Vitalink Root Stim

Canna aqua vega - hydroponic nutrient

Essential pH meter

ph down 250ml

ph up 250ml

Bang On temperature and humidity meter

100mm Vents extraction fan

5m 100mm combi ducting and clip

Bucket for mixing nutrients

Syringe and jug for measuring


Kit is also suitable for large scale propagation and 'growing on' of smaller plants before moving to a main growing area.


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