Uvonair UV-80H Ozone Generator

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For effective odour control, the Uvonair In-Duct System is ideal, especially if using a carbon filter is impractical. For example, if space is limited. The unit fits in line with the ducting, which means it eliminates odour. 

* We Recommend that the Uvonair is used with a Carbon filter as an extra level of odour protection.

You should position the Uvonair behind the extractor so that ozone is not drawn through the fan. There needs to be a minimum of 5mtrs of ducting after the uvonair to guarantee the best possible odour elimination. Maximum recommended airflow through the Uvonair is 450m3/per hour. The unit comes with 200mm (8") inlets/outlets, so reducers may need to be purchased to fit your ventilation fan.

If you have an unusual need for extra odour control and a carbon filter just isnt cutting it or you want the peace of mind of being able to just turn something extra on at times of need then you should think about a ozone generator.


Guaranteed odour control

UV light sterlilisation

Belt and braces

Peace of mind



* Other sizes available to suit your fan size and airflow.

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