Vitalink Cal Mag

Size: 250ml
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A unique calcium and magnesium additive, Vitalink CalMag is designed to bring control to your room when you need it. Whether your looking to correct a deficiency, stabilize the EC of your solution or just looking to supplement for perfect growth, Vitalink CalMag provides the optimal ratio of calcium to magnesium, which can be either applied as a root feed, or as a foliar application for a quicker response. 

Calcium is a macronutrient which is important for strong cell walls, root development, cell division and elongation, nitrogen assimilation, enzymatic and hormonal processes and photosynthesis. Often applied as not a particularly mobile element, particularly necessary for fast growing plants. Both this and the Magnesium content are supplied in the form of Nitrogen and will in combination with the Iron content here, maintain lovely lush green growth across the whole cycle. Use during growth phase at 1ml per litre. 


Check out this video for more info on Vitalink Cal Mag!



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