Vitalink Coir Classic

Stage of Growth: Grow
Water Type: Soft Water
Size: 1L
Sale price£8.95


Vitalink Coir is the definition of a trend setter. This Classic Coco formula paved the way for one-part nutrients everywhere, by having all the benefits of a two part solution in one quick and easy-to-use bottle. Vitalink Coir is an advanced mineral formulation, proven to deliver excellent growth and yield. Added humates boost plant results further by promoting a healthy root system and increasing nutrient uptake. The same humates also make the maintenance of ph a whole lot easier. Unlike many other coco coir nutrients on the market, Vitalink Coir is a grow and bloom formulation to offer the best possible plant results during each stage of growth. It's also available in hard or soft water.  So, wherever you are, Vitalink Coir is going to prove itself an absolute Classic for years to come!


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