Vitalink Foliar

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Vitalink Foliar is a Calcium-rich foliar feed that acts as a natural plant strengthener to give you stronger and healthy plants, which are resistant to pest, disease and drought. This is because calcium is proven to keep the cell walls of your plants strong. Vitalink Foliar also contains tea tree oil, which guards against fungal infections, including Botrytis (bud rot) and Powdery Mildew.

Developed with the indoor grower in mind, Vitalink Foliar will help promote favourable plant results in unfavourable conditions, such as low humidity and high temperature. These conditions negatively affect the way calcium is absorbed and transported around you plants. The Calcium in Vitalink Foliar is absorbed easily and quickly because it is supplied in a 'chelated' form, which when sprayed onto the leaves absorbs UP TO FIVE TIMES more nutrient than the roots.

Vitalink Foliar is particularly ideal if you use flowering boosters, which are extremely beneficial for plants. However, the potassium in flowering boosters can affect the absorption of calcium via the roots. As Vitalink Foliar is sprayed onto the leaves, this significantly reduces the calcium/potassium competition to ensure great plant results. 

Use Vitalink Foliar once a week in the vegetative and flowering stages to see why Foliar Feeding really is a lost art! 100ml per Litre.


Watch the video below for more info on Vitalink Foliar!


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