Vitalink Fulvic

Size: 250ml
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Vitalink Fulvic is a natural nutrient transporter that boosts the results you get at every stage of your plant's lifecycle - rooting, growth and flowering. It is packed full of Fulvic Acid, which transports nutrients and elements to where your plants need them most, quickly and efficiently. As Vitalink Fulvic enhances the transportation of nutrients and elements, it will maximise the results you get from other products to deliver the best plant results.

Vitalink Fulvic can be used as an easy-to-use foliar spray or root feed. It is absorbed very quickly, which means it instantly starts to improve the way your plants use the nutrient you supply. A tied and tested fine tuning agent for those that need the most out of their plants, Vitalink Fulvic suprises experienced and beginner growers time and time again!

Root Feeding - 2ml per Litre alongside all other inputs

Foliar Feeding - 10ml per Litre, once a week.


Check out the video below for more info on the popular Vitalink fulvic!


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