Vitalink Plant start

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Vitalink Plant start is a young-plant nutrient that gets your plants off to the best start. It is scientifically proven to significantly reduce standard rooting times due to a key ratio of Boron and Calcium. Boron and Calcium are the main nutrients responsible foe promoting fast root growth. You will not find this key ratio in any other young-plant nutrient. Vitalink Plant Start also boosts resistance to infection and diseases (biotic and abiotic stess factors) by supplying them with Vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 will also help ypu plants to cope better with the immense stress they undergo during this critical stage, ensuring successful propagation.


We heartily recommend the use of Vitalink Plant Start over the use of a diluted grow specific nutrient due to the balance of elements available being targeted for early stages. The reduced major elemental needs are contrasted with higher levels of micro-elements that are combined with added humic acids to create a superior available mix of perfectly prepared 'baby food' for your plants. For best Result use for:


Seed Sowing/Rooting Cuttings - 3/4ml per litre when pre-soaking your propagation plugs/cubes prior to taking your cuttings. 


Rooted Cuttings - 6/8ml per litre for cuttings once they propogate roots. Once established combine with the Root Stim our your choice to see explosive results. 


Always shake the bottle well for 20 seconds prior to use as the humic acid will naturally settle over time.


For more info watch the following video!



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