Vitalink Root Stimulator

Size: 250ml
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Formulated to be the successor to the incredibly popular Bioplus, this unique formula is a highly effective root initiator ands stress reliever to rival the best in the industry. Vitalink Root Stimulator gives the young plant the foundation for a successful and mature yield where it all starts, with healthy roots. A blend of stimulators, vitamins and key growth building suppliments come in the form of Ascophyllum Nodosum, a cold pressed seaweed harvested at optimum time of year to harness it's finest nutritional properties. 

Vitalink Root Stim simulates roots to grow stronger, longer and unparralled in the sheer density. Better roots mean better nutrient uptake and water cycliing., resulting in a vigorous growth pattern that is a joy to behold! Designed for use in the early stages of a plant's life cycle when the formation of root mass is key, this root booster gets you the results you want through the growth and flowering phases. 

We highly recommend using Vitalink Root Stimulator with Vitalink PlantStart to give your plants the best possible start in life, at propagation use this at 1ml per litre with every fedd, Then once established use at 2ml per litre throughout the growth phase for best results. 


Check out the following video for more info!


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