Vitalink Silicon Max

Size: 250ml
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Vitalink Silicon Max strengthens your plant's cell walls. This increases their resistance to insects, fungal pathogens and bud rot. Silicon promotes excellent overall plant development. It will:

- Aid root development, vital for fast growth and healthy yield

- Promote darker leaves by increasing chlorophyll production

- Enhance your plant's ability to absorb CO2, which can boost your yield by upto 20%

As well as being a briiliant additive, it is also an alkali. This means Silicon Max can also be used to help manage the pH of your nutrient solution. Instead of using pH up, try Silicon Max instead. Remember to always add Silicon MAX before you add nutrients to your solution, or dilute in a larger container at 1ml per litre and top up your tanks to adjust pH. Either way, your sure to get great results!


For more info on Vitalink Silicon watch the following video!



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