Vitalink Turbo

Size: 250ml
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Vitalink's answer to Flowering enhancer's everywhere - Vitalink Turbo! Is a highly effective bio-stimulant that combines L-shaped amino acids and brassinosteriods to increases flower, fruit size and weight, Brassinosteroids have the benefit of being hormones with increased signal functioning which allow the plants to utilise the L-shaped amino acids more efficiently. These are the building blocks of proteins and are essential for mass building.

Vitalink Turbo also contains naturally occuring cytokinins, lignin salts and glucoside. These together with chelated trace elements ensure your plant has all the fundamentals and more, to complete a lovely and lush cycle. Use at 1ml per Litre two weeks before the flowering stage and throughout until flushing. 


For more info check out the following video from Hydrogarden the creators of Vitalink Turbo!


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