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Continuing their innovating range of specialist products, Mills Nutrients have now released Vitalize, available exclusively from DNA Mills Ltd. This monosilicic acid bio stimulant is designed to increase plant vigor along with the number of node sites, Vitalize helps to protect and strengthen you plant throughout its entire crow cycle. 


Easy to use as a foliar fertilizer


Improves crops immune system


Improves the crops resilience against insects


Improves the root structure in both size and weight.


Reduces perspiration and optimises water management


Improves the absorption of nutrients and its utilization in the the plant production system


Improves the yield and the quality of the product


Reduces water loss in fruit and vegetables after harvesting


Suitable for mixing with other fertilisers or other protective means


Suitable for all kinds of crop 



The use of silicic acid helps builds the plants natural defense to environmental stresses. It will increase yields, brix content, and increase shelf life of produce. It also works symbiotically with biological activity found in the media and is derived predominately from natural sources. 



For the full Mills nutrient schedule/calculator click the following link:



Mills Nutrient Calculator

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