Whispair Carbon Filter

Size: 100mm 310m3/h
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Eliminate Bad Smells with WhispAir Carbon Filters

Achieve effective removal of bad smells in your grow room with our range of WhispAir carbon filters. Designed to work with 4”, 5”, 6” and 8” hydroponics extractor fans, WhispAir deliver long-lasting air filtration for most sizes of indoor grow tents.

Features of WhispAir carbon filters:

  • High-quality RC48 Australian carbon for a superior air cleaning performance
  • Lightweight, aluminium casing for easy hanging and grow room installation
  • Filter easily attaches to the extractor fan with ducting, clips and fast clamps
  • Provides high-performing smell removal and air filtering for up to two years

More About WhispAir Carbon Filters

WhispAir carbon filters are fitted with a 38mm layer of top-quality RC48 Australian activated carbon. This carbon traps and removes particles from the air before being sucked out through your extractor fan, eliminating undesirable odours in your grow room.

The carbon is sealed in a lightweight aluminium casing, keeping the weight of the filter to a minimum so you can easily hang the unit in your grow space. Once installed, the filter will last for up to two years if used correctly.


  • WhispAir carbon filter
  • Carbon filter sleeve
  • User manual

WhispAir Carbon Filter Tech Specs and Sizes:

  • Size 4” 100/300mm, Airflow 310m3h
  • Size 5” 125/300mm, Airflow 350m3h
  • Size 6” 150/400mm, Airflow 700m3h
  • Size 8” 200/500mm, Airflow 1250m3h

Guide to Using Carbon Filters

  1. Match your carbon filter to the size of your fan. If you’re unsure of sizes, then check the extractor fan’s diameter and airflow rate. If the airflow rate is more than your filter is designed to cope with, air will pass through too quickly and the filtering process will be reduced.

Note: If your fan and filter diameters don’t match, you won’t be able to connect the two without using a reducer or enlarger.

  1. Connect your WhispAir carbon filter to your fan. You can use either ducting, ducting clips, rubber couplings or fast clamps, or a combination of all four. Whichever way you choose to connect the fan and filter, make sure it’s an airtight seal. Without this, you risk reducing the efficiency of your carbon filter.

Note: Don’t cover your filter with anything other than the filter sleeves provided.

  1. Hang your carbon filter. Keep the filter as close to your grow room as possible, ideally inside as this is most effective. In cases where the filter is too big to hang, simply stand them up in the grow room.
  1. Direct airflow outside the tent. Once that air has been filtered, it needs to be removed from the space so fresh air can take its place and give your plants fresh Co2. Ideally, you would direct the air outside of the building so as not to recirculate any heat from the grow room.

Ensuring Continued Optimum Carbon Filter Performance 

To make sure your carbon filter remains in optimum working order, you must regulate the environment in your grow room. Humidity above 75% will quickly reduce the filter’s lifespan.

This is more of an issue during propagation when humidity is at its highest. But, keeping humidity between 40-65% will keep both your filter happy and your plants thriving.

You can read our Guide to Growing Indoors for detailed information about regulating your grow room environment.

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