WhispAir EC/Mountain Air filter kit - 150mm (585m3/h)

Sale price£344.95


These EC filter kits feature the incredibly powerful, quiet and reliable WhispAir Silenced EC Fans. Matched to the right size Mountain Air carbon filter, voted North Americas best filter, they represent one of the best filtration kits available and at a great price too.


Using EC motor technology these fans are ultra quiet and cost less to run - paying for themselves over time. The EC motors deliver an incredible amount of power and cope with adding carbon filters and long or unusual runs of ducting very well with little drop in airflow. They are built with a top quality steel casing and include very good niose dampening foam to make them ultra quiet while still being very powerful.

Each fan comes with an integral manual speed control to allow for easy dimming of the airflow as required.

  • Ultra silent
  • Extremely powerful
  • High build quality
  • Easy installation


Each kit comes with 5m of combi ducting, a fast clamp to attach the filter directly to the fan and a duct clip to attch the ducting to the other side of the fan.


Mountain air filters provide incredible filtration and should last 2 years depending on environmental conditions.

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