WhispAir EC/Mountain Air filter kit - 150mm (585m3/h)

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The Ultimate 6 Inch Grow Fan and Filter Kit

This 6” EC fan and filter kit combines the incredibly powerful WhispAir Silenced EC Fans with the award-winning Mountain Air carbon filter to give you complete power over your grow room’s airflow and temperature whilst eliminating odours.

Here’s what’s in the kit:

  • 6” Mountain Air Carbon Filter
  • 6" WhispAir Silenced Inline Fan
  • 5M of 150mm combi ducting
  • A fast clamp to attach the filter and fan
  • Duct clip to attach ducting to the other side

Help Your Plants Thrive Through Proper Ventilation

When growing indoors, it’s important to give your plants the best environment possible. And one of the solutions to taking control over airflow and temperature issues in your grow space is by installing high-quality extraction fans and filters.

If control is what you’re after, you can’t go wrong with our WhispAir EC and Mountain Air filter kit.

About WhispAir EC Fans

WhispAir EC fans are renowned for their power, silence and efficiency, and are considered by many growers as one of the best hydroponics fans on the market. Their solid steel design and ultra-silent performance provide a long-lasting discreet extraction solution for your indoor grow space.

WhispAir fans include a manual speed switch that let you modify the airflow as required, helping you regulate the environment in your grow tent. And the motor features a combination of AC and DC designs, meaning they’re easy to control and energy-efficient as they only use electricity proportionate to the fan’s speed.

Click right here to read more about WhispAir EC Fans.

More About Mountain Air Carbon Filters

Mountain Air carbon filters are the guys you employ to scrub your air clean of unwanted odour. Five times winner of North America’s Best Filter, they deliver the kind of performance you can trust when you need it most.

They use the highest quality of carbon available and their airflow rates are designed to work with a range of small and large grow room extractor fans. Furthermore, Mountain air filters provide incredible filtration for up to three years, depending on environmental conditions.

Hit this link to learn more about Mountain Air carbon filters.

Indoor Fan and Filter FAQs

Here as some answers to frequently asked questions regarding indoor growing extraction setups.

Why do I need ventilation in my grow room?

Ventilation in your grow room is as integral to the health of your plants as the correct light and nutrients. The right environment can help your plants thrive indoors, while a badly ventilated grow room can cause all kinds of problems.

What problems are caused by bad ventilation in a grow room?

Bad ventilation in your grow space can lead to all kinds of issues with your plants, including:

  • High humidity, leading to bud rot and mould
  • Overheating, causing plants to burn and die
  • Lack of fresh air and CO2, limiting plants’ growth
  • Poor yielding plants and unwanted odours

What do I need for an effective grow room extraction system?

In order to set up an effective ventilation and extraction system in your indoor grow space, you need the following items:

  • An extraction fan to suck air from your grow room through the carbon filter and move it outside.
  • A carbon filter to remove unwanted smells from the air before it’s extracted from your grow tent.
  • Ducting to connect your fan and filter and move old air to outside your grow space.
  • A fast clamp to attach the filter and fan and duct clip to attach the ducting to the other side.
  • A set of rope ratchets to help you safely hang up your fan and filter kit.

What size fan and filter do I need?

The size of your EC fan and carbon filter is dependent on certain variables, such as grow room size and temperature.

Give us a call and we can help you find the right fan and filter kit.

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