WhispAir EC/Mountain Air filter kit - 250mm (1808m3/h)

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Control Indoor Growing Environments with Our 10” Fan and Filter kit

Give your plants the best environment in which to thrive with the help of our WhispAir/Mountain Air 10” fan and filter kit. Pairing the super-efficient and remarkably quiet WhispAir Silenced EC fans with high-quality Mountian Air carbon filters, you’ll take total control over the airflow in your grow tent whilst removing bad smells.

Here’s what’s in the kit:

  • 10” Mountain Air Carbon Filter
  • 10” WhispAir Silenced Inline Fan
  • 5M of 200mm combi ducting
  • A fast clamp to attach the filter and fan
  • Duct clip to attach ducting to the other side

Achieve Better Yields with Effective Environmental Control!

Making sure you’re in control of the environment in your grow room is incredibly important to achieving healthy yields. Any issues in airflow or temperature can limit your plants’ growth, or worse, kill them off completely.

However, by installing a high-quality extractor fan and carbon filter set-up in your grow tent, such as the 10” WhispAir and Mountain Air carbon filter and fan kit, you’ll provide the perfect environment for your flowers to flourish and get bigger, better yields in the process.

About WhispAir Fans

WhispAir EC fans are considered one of the best hydroponic air extraction units available to indoor growers today. Renowned for their powerful motor and remarkably silent running, WhispAir fans are suited to all types of indoor growing setups.

Furthermore, they're incredibly versatile too. By changing the motor speed, you can tweak the extraction strength to suit the needs of your grow room – perfect for year-round growers!

Go here to learn more about WhispAir EC Fans.

About Mountain Air Carbon Filters

Mountain Air carbon filters are the ideal solution to odour issues in your grow tent. Winners of North America’s Best Filter five times, installing one of these bad boys in your grow tent guarantees long-lasting, high-performing air filtration.

Delivering fantastic airflow rates throughout even the longest of ducting runs, Mountain Air carbon filters are designed to use in a variety of indoor growing environments, both small and large. Once installed, they can work for up to three years before the need for a replacement.

Grow Tent Fan and Filter FAQs

At Critical Mass Systems, we often get asked about regulating the temperature and environment in indoor grow tents. So, to help you out, we jotted down a few FAQs:

Why do I need ventilation in my grow room?

Ventilation in your grow room is as important to your plants’ health as a good light and correct nutrients. Making sure your environment is right will help your plants thrive indoors, while a poorly ventilated grow room can lead to all sorts of issues.

What problems are caused by bad ventilation in a grow room?

Poor ventilation in your grow tent can result in all sorts of problems with your plants, including:

  • High humidity, causing bud rot and mould
  • Overheating, burning and killing whole crops
  • Limited air and CO2, stunting the plants’ growth
  • Low yielding plants and undesirable smells

What do I need for an effective grow room extraction system?

If you’re looking to set up an effective ventilation and extraction system in your hydroponics grow tent, you’ll need the following items:

  • An extraction fan to take old air out of the grow tent.
  • carbon filter to remove bad smells before going out.
  • Ducting to connect your fan and filter and remove air outside the grow space.
  • fast clamp to connect the fan and filter units fan
  • Duct clip to connect the ducting to the other side of the fan
  • A set of rope ratchets to so you can easily and efficiently hand and drop your fan.

What size fan and filter do I need?

The size of your EC fan and carbon filter depends on the size of your grow room setup and its current environment

For some expert advice, get in touch with us at Critical Mass Systems and we’ll help you find the right fan and filter kit.

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