Whispair EC Silenced Inline Fan

Airflow: 6 Inch 585m3
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Introducing the Best Value Silent Extractor Fan for Indoor Growing

We’re thrilled to introduce the impressive range of WhispAir EC Silenced Inline fans. The super-quiet and ultra-efficient fans are considered some of the best silent extractors for indoor grow tents and guaranteed to maintain excellent airflow – even through the most complicated of ducting runs.

Key Features of the WhispAir EC Fans:

  • High-quality steel casing designed to last years
  • Easy installation with two mountable positions
  • Ultra-silent fan allowing for discreet extraction
  • Super powerful and perfect for long ducting runs
  • Ultra-efficient, saving you money on energy bills

Combining Power and Performance for Superior Hydroponics Extraction

If you’re looking for a high-power, silent extractor fan for your hydroponics set-up, then our range of WhispAir inline fans are just what you need. Using high-performance EC motor technology, WhispAir fans cost less to run than other options available on the market. This means you save valuable money on energy bills and lose nothing in terms of power and performance.

In fact, WhispAir EC fans are designed to cope with the addition of carbon filters and long runs of ducting, making them perfect for all kinds of hydroponics grow spaces. And because they’re built using tough steel casing and high-performance noise-dampening foam, you can run them all year round, safe in the knowledge they will remain silent and discreet.

Furthermore, WhispAir fans include an integral manual speed control switch to let you easily modify the airflow as required. This useful addition can prove to be invaluable when maintaining the ideal temperature in your grow tent environment.

Sizes of WhispAir EC Fans Available

We have several sizes of WhispAir EC fans to suit a range of hydroponic setups and different size indoor grow tents, including 6, 8 and 10-inch extractors:

6 Inch WhispAir EC Fan Specs:

  • Size: 6”/150mm 
  • Power Consumption: 40W 
  • Fan Speed: 5000RPM  
  • Max Airflow: 594M3H 
  • Housing Material: Cold Rolled Steel 
  • Weight: 5KGs 

8 Inch WhispAir EC Fan Specs:

  • Size: 8”/200mm 
  • Power consumption: 75w 
  • Fan Speed: 3800RPM 
  • Max Airflow: 1205M3H 
  • Housing Material: Cold Rolled Steel 
  • Weight: 7.5KGs 

10 Inch WhispAir EC Fan specs:

  • Size: 10”/250mm 
  • Power consumption: 150W 
  • Fan Speed: 3200RPM 
  • Max Airflow: 1808M3H 
  • Housing Material: Cold Rolled Steel 
  • Weight: 13.7KGs 

EC Fans FAQs

What are EC fans?

Electronically communicated, or EC fans combine both AC and DC motor designs. EC fans get their power from the brushless DC motor. While the printed circuit board provides the same control over the fan rotor as AC induction fans.

What’s the difference between AC and EC fans?

AC fans use alternating currents and can be both very expensive and loud to run. Whereas EC fans are much easier to control and use electricity that’s proportionate to the speed. They can be used at partial speed throughout and help reduce energy bills.

Can EC fans keep my grow tent cool?

Switching to a WhispAir fan can help give you better control over the temperature of your grow tent. EC fans let you change the speed incrementally, meaning you can increase the extraction in your grow tent to help keep it cool.

What is the best silent fan for hydroponics setups?

WhispAir silent fans are ideal for indoor hydroponics setups. They are silent, powerful and energy-efficient. They help you regulate the temperate in your grow space and the variable speed control is perfect for growing in all seasons.

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