WhispAir Value EC Filtration Kit 200mm (1205m3/h)

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Introducing the Exceptional Value 8” Fan and Carbon Filter Kit

If you’re looking for the best value 8" fan and carbon filter kit around then this one is for you. Combining the impressively powerful WhispAir Silenced EC Fans with the super effective WhispAir carbon filters, this grow tent extraction system delivers superior airflow and removes unwanted smells in your grow tent.

 Here’s what’s in the kit:

  • 8” WhispAir Carbon Filter
  • 8" WhispAir Silenced Inline Fan
  • 5M of 200mm combi ducting
  • A fast clamp to attach the filter and fan
  • Duct clip to attach ducting to the other side

Better Ventilation = Better Yields

All successful indoor growers will tell you that having control over the environment is as important as the correct light or feeding solution. But without an effective fan and carbon filter installed in your grow room, your plants will suffer in terms of quality and quantity of yield.

The WhispAir 8’ fan and carbon filter kit will solve those issues for you. Once installed, the fan increases air movement to keep plants free from temperature and humidity-related problems. While the carbon filter neutralises unwanted smells before it’s taken outside of your grow tent.

This increased airflow ensures your plants have enough fresh air to thrive indoors, giving you both higher quality and increased quantity of yield. You’re in safe hands with WhispAir’s 8” value filtration kit.

About WhisAir Fans

WhispAir EC fans give you incredible extraction win unrivalled powersilence and efficiency. In fact, many professional indoor growers around the world cite them as being the best value grow tent extractor fan available.

Designed using solid steel and featuring high-quality acoustic foam, these impressive units offer long-lasting, discreet air extraction for your indoor grow space. And the manual speed switch lets you control the ventilation to suit the specific requirements of your indoor environment.

Go here to read more about WhispAir EC fans.

About WhispAir 8” Carbon Filters

WhispAir carbon filters deliver effective eradication of undesired odours in your grow tent. Packed with high-performing RC48 Australian carbon, these filters extract pungent particles of air before they’re taken out through your extractor fan.

The carbon is housed in a lightweight aluminium casing, making it easy easy to attach to your fan and install in your grow tent. Once installed, WhispAir carbon filters can last up to two years before requiring a replacement unit.

Click this link to learn more about WhispAir 8" Carbon Filters.

Indoor Growing Fan and Filter FAQs

Many of our customers return to us for advice on achieving effective airflow and filtration in indoor grow spaces. So, to help you out, we’ve popped a few key FAQs here:

Why do I need ventilation in my grow room?

Ventilation in your grow tent is as important to your plant’s health and growth as the correct lighting system and nutrients. The right ventilation will provide the perfect conditions for your plants to thrive, while a badly ventilated grow space can cause you and your plants all kinds of nasty issues.

What problems are caused by bad ventilation in a grow room?

Bad ventilation in your grow tent can cause lots of issues that can easily be avoided with a filter and fan kit, including:

  • High humidity, causing bud rot and mould problems
  • Overheating, leading plants to burn and die
  • Lack of fresh CO2, greatly reducing plants’ growth
  • Poor yielding, low-quality plants and unwanted odours

What do I need for an effective grow room extraction system?

To successfully set up an effective indoor ventilation and extraction system, you’ll need to get the following items:

  • An extraction fan to suck air old air through the carbon filter and remove it from the tent.
  • carbon filter to eliminate unwanted smells before it’s extracted from your grow space.
  • Ducting to connect your fan and filter and move the air outside your grow tent.
  • A fast clamp to attach the fan and the filter inside the tent.
  • A duct clip to connect the ducting on the other side of the fan.
  • A set of rope ratchets to safely and quickly hang up your fan and filter kit.

What size fan and filter do I need?

The size of the necessary EC fan and carbon filter depends on your grow room size and desired temperature.

Give us a call and we’ll find the right fan and filter kit for you.

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