Wilma 4 Pot

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The Wilma systems are self contained drip systems designed to be run as a recirculating system, they can be used with any media from clay pebbles to soil with the most popular being a coco mix. The pots sit on a tray with drainage holes above the reservoir so the water and nutrients delivered by the drippers run through the pot and back into the same tank, this ensures no potential leaks from run off pipes etc and no pots sat in run off with soggy roots.

The frequency and length of each feed is dependant on the media being used and may be as often as every half hour if using just clay pebbles as a full hydro system or as little as just once a day if using pure coco or soil.


* Top Tip - Many coco growers adapt the wilma system by using an external tank for the pump to feed from and use the bottom tank just to collect the run off, this turns the wilma system into a run-to-waste drip system allowing for more accurate control of the nutrients and pH levels required.


Dimensions: 75cm x 75cm x 40cm


The wilma system comes with 11 litre pots as standard or upgrade to 18 litre pots.


Check out Nutricultures videos below for everything you need to know about the Wilma System and how to set one up correctly!




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